Sunday School 

     The Sunday School is one of the most integral components of the church, functioning as the main method through which the Church raises, nurtures and prepares the future generation of the Church. This spiritual organization conducts numerous events throughout the year including Talent and Assigned Competitions, Christmas plays, various fundraisers, charity works, etc. It emphasizes strict attendance to the Holy Qurbana and Sunday School Class every week. On Sundays, all the children join together in fellowship, songs, prayer and study. 

President: Fr. Dr. Varghese M. Daniel

Principal: Alice Thukalil

Vice Principal: Jiby Thomas Varghese

Secretary: Sincy Jacob

(MMVS) Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam 

     The MMVS is another valuable facet of the parish, comprised of all the female member age 16+ within the Church. The MMVS conducts important classes for women including Divyabhodhanam sessions, important charity works such as soup kitchens and toy drives, and organizes monthly meetings where they come together in fellowship and prayer. Our parish's MMVS group is also the proud 4-time winner of the annual Diocesan MMVS Bible Quiz. 

President: Fr. Dr. Varghese M. Daniel

Secretary: Shirley Joseph

Treasurer: Mariamma (Elsy) George

(MGOCSM)- Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement 

     The MGOCSM consists of the entire youth of the parish, and is known for their various charitable works including food drive and blanket drives, fundraisers such as Bake Sales, events, and newsletter: OrthodoXY in today's GENeration (OXYGEN). The MGOCSM meets monthly conducting Bible Study sessions, updates on ongoing events, prayer sessions, and planning out upcoming charities. 


President: Fr. Dr. Varghese M. Daniel

Secretary: Adarsh Paul Varghese

Parish Representative: Jacob Meenchirayil Chacko

Treasurer: Jude Alex Jacob

St. John's Indian Orthodox Church

331 Blaisdell Rd

Orangeburg, NY 10962