Feasts and Fasts of the Church


     The Great Lent: in A.D. 200, the Council of Laodicea instructed that all faithful should observe Great Lent. This lent comprises of the traditional forty days plus ten days of the Lord’s passion. Great Lent begins with the Shubukono service: The Service of Reconciliation. On the 25th day, the Golgotha, (or the cross) is raised at the center of the Church. It signifies that the Lord’s death on cross is near, and the Church is preparing for that. Great Lent prepares the faithful for Christ’s saving death and his resurrection. It is perhaps the biggest occasion for abstinence and reconciliation. (*Exemption is only granted on Annunciation Day, the 25th day of Lent, and the Fortieth Friday of Lent.)

     Apostles’ Lent: (June 16-29) This fast is made up of 13 days, symbolizing the twelve apostles and St. Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles. On June 29th, the Church observes the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, commemorating their martyrdom.

     Sunoyo Fast or Assumption Lent: (August 1-15) This lent prepares the Church for the Departure of the Mother of God on August 15th.

     Yeldo Lent: (December 1-25) This lent is observed  in preparation of the Nativity of our Lord. On December 25th, the Church celebrates the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

     Three Days Lent or Nineveh Fast: This is observed 18 days prior to the beginning of Great Lent. Although the shortest, this special fast is one of repentance, just as the people of Nineveh fasted and turned to God (Jonah 3:6).


Denho (Theophany) 

Ma`altho (Presentation of our Lord) 

Shubkono  (Reconciliation) 

Usha`ne (Palm Sunday)

Suboro (Annunciation to the Virgin St. Mary)

Qyomto (Easter)

Suloqo (Ascension)

Good Friday


Mtalé (Transfiguration of our Lord) 

Shunoyo (Dormition of the Theotokos)

Nativity of the Theotokos 

 Lazarus Saturday

Holy Saturday

The Slaughter Of The Infants

Slibo (Feast of the Holy Cross) 

Koodhosh Eetho (Sanctification)

Hoodhosh Eetho (Dedication)

Entry Of The Theotokos 

Annunciation to Zechariah

Yaldo (Holy Nativity of our Lord)

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